Utrecht Game Lab

Why Utrecht GameLab?

Game studies have increasingly incorporated aspects of practice, from non-normative forms of playing or Let’s Playing to making and re-making games, as modes of knowledge production and outreach. An early attempt at codifying and reflecting upon these practices is the “The Georgia Tech Approach to Game Research and Education” (Bogost et al. 2005) and its “Experimental Game Lab” (66).

What We Do

  • (Bi)weekly design and playtesting workshops, offline and/or online, to practice the ‘language’ of game design
    – Work on and playtest projects by students and participating lecturers
    – Focus on analogue games but depends on interest, e.g. modding, Twine, tools like Bitly
  • Contribute design expertise to ongoing research projects (Horizon, Comenius, USO)
  • Advise and collaborate on projects of our partners
    – Wageningen Game Lab, Manchester Game Centre, Cologne Game Lab
  • Organize digital and analogue play sessions
    – Both for fun and as a critical, collective practice

Guiding Principles