Utrecht Game Lab


We regularly publish about the conceptual foundations and research outcomes of the Utrecht GameLab group in the form of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters or simply as white papers and pre-prints. Below you will find a list of selected publications:

  • Werning, S. (2023). Remediating Landscape Photography and Nature Documentary Filmmaking as Eco-Practices in Digital Games. In J. Raessens, S. Werning, L. op de Beke, & G. Farca (Eds.), Ecogames (in print). Amsterdam University Press.
  • Werning, S.,& van Vught, J. (2021). Taking Playful Scholarship Seriously. Discursive Game Design as a Means of Tackling Intractable Controversies. Eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Culture, 12(1), 101–121.
  • Cole, D., Werning, S., & Maragliano, A. (2021). Playable Personas: Using Games and Play to Expand the Repertoire of Learner Personas. Persona Studies, 6(2), 38–53. https://ojs.deakin.edu.au/index.php/ps/article/view/965/1032
  • Glas, R., van Vught, J., & Werning, S. (2021). ‘Thinking Through’ Games in the Classroom – Using Discursive Game Design to Play and Engage with Historical Datasets. ToDiGRA, 5(3). https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.26503/todigra.v5i3.126
  • Glas, R. (2021). Making Mario. Shaping Franchise History Through Paratextual Play. In B. Beil, G. S. Freyermuth, & H. C. Schmidt (Eds.), Paratextualizing Games (pp. 131–162). transcript Verlag. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783839454213-006
  • Werning, S. (2021). Making Games. The poetics and politics of game creation tools. MIT Press.
  • Werning, S. (2020). Making Data Playable – Exploring the Impact of Playfulness and Game Co-Creation on Creative Data Literacy. Journal of Media Literacy Education, 12(3), 88–101.
  • Jacobs, R. S., Werning, S., Jansz, J., & Kneer, J. (2020). Procedural arguments of persuasive games: An elaboration likelihood perspective. Journal of Media Psychology, 33(2), 49–59. https://doi.org/10.1027/1864-1105/a000278.
  • Werning, S. (2019). Analytical Game Design. Game-making as a cultural technique in a gamified society. In R. Glas, S. Lammes, M. de Lange, J. Raessens, & I. de Vries (Eds.), The Playful Citizen: Knowledge, Creativity, Power (pp. 56–72). Amsterdam University Press.
  • Werning, S. (2018). Modding as a strategy to (de-)legitimize representations of religion in the Civilization franchise. In A. S. Ross & D. J. Rivers (Eds.), Participatory Digital Cultures and Contemporary Discourses of (De)Legitimization (pp. 307–325). Routledge.